Gaining momentum

It’s been nearly 5 years since I graduated from my PhD and I’ve been either on maternity leave or working part-time since then. Even so, I’m publishing consistently with wonderful collaborators and I’ve come to appreciate the peer review process of academic publishing.

In 2022 I’ve had several works published, focused on health technology and climate justice, Indigenous data sovereignty and participatory science, and the arcane history of shellfish divers and oceanic voyagers I’m immersed in through my ancestry.

Now my children are a little bigger I’m contemplating more work next year, as well as my chess mentoring initiative that’s being embraced by our neurodiversity community. It’s the start of a new era for me, post-babies, I’m ready for it!

New book chapter, profile, conference

I’m delighted that a book chapter on community forest rights emerging from collaboration in Asia has just been published.

I’ve been working with UNSW for almost six months now and finally have my researcher profile up!

I’ve recently joined the leadership team of the Australian Citizen Science Association.

In February I’ll be involved in multiple sessions of the Australian Science Communicators conference at the Monash Sustainable Development Institute, some supported by the Centre for Social Impact and one by a bursary from Future Earth Australia. Our paper for the research program is online now and I welcome your feedback!