Public speaking

I have a current biographies with UNSW and Flinders University; contact emails are available at each.

If I’ve accepted an invitation to be involved with your project or event, here are a couple of bio versions you could use; please ensure an Acknowledgement of Country or preferably a funded Welcome to Country come before introducing me.

Dr Cobi Calyx joined UNSW as a Postdoctoral Fellow in 2019, after graduating from her ANU PhD in science communication and deliberative democracy in 2018. She also has qualifications in education, health promotion, international studies, journalism and yoga teaching, as well as experience with Australian Aid-funded projects in Asia and the Pacific. During her PhD she was a Visiting Scholar at Melbourne Law School and taught in Masters courses in the University of Melbourne on interdisciplinarity, environment and global governance. Dr Calyx has more than a decade of experience working at the intersection of environmental governance, science communication, health promotion and disaster response. She has been employed in governance organizations ranging from the UN in Geneva to state environment and disaster response agencies.


Dr Cobi Calyx is a Climate Reality Leader who’s lived on five continents. She’s worked for organizations ranging from the United Nations in Geneva to the Country Fire Service in South Australia. She returned home to Adelaide to live by the coast around family and in 2018 became a mother. She’s been involved with the Fight for the Bight campaign in South Australia. She completed her PhD in science communication at Australian National University and also has qualifications in education, health promotion, international studies, journalism and yoga teaching. She’s worked in international development in Asia and the Pacific and as an environmental law scholar at Melbourne Law School. She started her career as an ABC broadcast journalist and has performed comedy in Adelaide, Melbourne and London, as well as for ABC’s Catalyst program and CERN in Geneva. Her science communication PhD was about deliberative engagement, she’s an experienced facilitator and she’s moderating today’s panel.

You can find me on LinkedIn or @cobicalyx on Twitter.

I was raised on Kaurna country and now have returned to raise my own children. I give my respect to elders past and present, appreciating knowledge shared with my family, connecting us through generations, trees, lands and waters. I appreciate the generosity, tolerance and care embodied in Indigenous leadership. First Nations across the continent we now call Australia never ceded sovereignty. British, Dutch, Guernésiais, Irish and Mauritian Creole settlers have shaped my family relations and culture. My children and I are learning Kaurna language in growing respect for living Kaurna culture, as well as prioritising good relations with other First Nations in our words and actions.